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Solar Operations
Solar Panels Technicians

Are Solar panels inefficient?

While today's solar panels are only about 20% efficient, the typical number of panels needed to power an entire home occupies less space than a single-car garage. Solar electric systems feed up to 99% of the solar energy they do capture directly into your home, so they are extremely efficient in electricity transmission

Should I wait for technology to get better?

Going solar is not about buying technology, it's about buying electricity. While there are bound to be some improvements to solar panel efficiency in the coming decades, the truth is that solar power will help you save a lot of money on your electricity bills for the next 20 years and beyond, so why wait?

Should I wait for technology to get more efficient?

Most of the solar industry's research and development are currently focused on improving financing and manufacturing practices. Solar panels will not leap in efficiency in the foreseeable future. Waiting for such a leap will only provide the opportunity to lose out on time-sensitive government incentives.

Are higher efficient panels better?

Panels will undoubtedly continue to creep toward peak efficiency. However, what this means is a smaller physical footprint. Today, your home may require 18 panels. If you wait a few years, it may only require 17.

Solar Operations
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