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Solar Panels on Rooftop
Solar-Powered Home

Will I have more meters in my house?

Most smaller solar electric customers have their typical meter replaced with a multi-directional meter capable of spinning backward to record energy flowing from their system to the utility grid for what is known as "net metering."While some utilities and larger systems may require multiple meters, this is not the norm.

Are solar panels a fire hazard?

Solar panels are not an added fire risk and are installed in accordance with a proven and comprehensive code. They do not produce excess heat and your system's circuits will be installed with the same care as any other household electrical circuit. Solar panels are even installed with consideration to fire setbacks to leave adequate room for firefighters in case of a fire. Your solar provider will ensure that your installation is completed according to all regulations.

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Is it harder to re-sell my house with solar?

Research by the Department of Energy shows that solar electric systems help homes sell faster than comparable homes without them, often in half the time. It also found that homeowners consider energy costs an extremely important factor in the decision to purchase a home, meaning solar panels attract attention in competitive real estate markets. Buyers understand that by purchasing a house that uses solar energy, they won't have to worry much about rising utility prices.

Will a solar panel Installation damage my roof?

A properly installed solar array can actually reduce harm to your roof by adding an additional layer of protection from the elements.

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Private home

Do I need a south-facing roof to go solar?

There is no question that the south is the best orientation and will produce the most electricity in the northern hemisphere. The closer to the south the orientation is, the better the output of the system will be. But with new panel technology and appropriate analysis, homes with other orientations can benefit from solar. We'll estimate the energy output your system will produce for you based on its orientation and 30 years of climate data.

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