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Solar Industry

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Installing Solar Panels

The Solar industry isn't creating American jobs?

Regardless of where solar panels are made, if they are installed on U.S. roofs they are putting Americans to work. There are more solar industry jobs in installation than in manufacturing, so the more cost-effective solar is, the more solar installation jobs there will be in the U.S. Some panels are made in America, and we offer these to our customers. And in order to qualify for stimulus money through the ARRA, solar manufacturers are shifting more production to U.S. soil.

Are all solar installers the same?

Not all solar installers are the same! As solar has become more popular in recent years, many more installation companies are popping up. But Mountain Range Solar has been in the business since 2013 with over 50 years of experience in-house. We are a company that strives to make our customers happy and install the highest quality solar arrays in the country.

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Does solar reduce dependence on foreign oil?

The more the U.S. runs on solar electricity, the less it needs to be supplemented with other forms of energy, including foreign oil.

Is the only way to get electricity from my utility company?

There are many sources of electricity that can be harnessed without a traditional utility company, including wind, water, the sun, heat from the earth (geothermal), and fuel cells. Of all of these viable sources, harvesting and using solar electricity has proven itself to be the most reliable and easy to implement.

Electrical Engineer
Installing Solar Panels
Installing Solar Panels

Is solar just a fad?

Solar panels have been used since the 1960s. NASA, the U.S. Military, the oil industry, and telecommunications companies have been using solar power for over 50 years because this robust, dependable technology provides long service life in remote and harsh environments. This long history translates to smooth sailing for today's homeowners, who benefit from this time-tested technology.

Are the only people who go solar environmentalists?

People who want to save money also go solar. Some of our customers are environmentalists who want to take steps to maintain clean air and clean water, but most won't do it unless it makes sense financially.

Solar Panels Technicians

Aren't many solar companies going out of business?

Every emerging industry experiences some failure. But the solar industry is strong and growing. The U.S. solar market had its biggest year ever in 2016, nearly doubling the previous record for solar growth in a single year. The solar industry, however, is not exempt from the same pitfalls as others.

Is solar very complicated?

We make going solar easy. At each step, we'll present you with options and advice, and the pressure-free process moves forward at your leisure. The systems themselves have no moving parts, are extremely reliable, and require almost no maintenance. Our engineering team has years of experience and will design the best option for your home, so you can concentrate on the fun parts of saving money with clean power. We'll even take care of permit and rebate paperwork and coordinate city inspections.

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Solar Panels Technicians

Are the savings of solar worth the hassle?

You can achieve immediate savings on your electric bill, and we take care of the permitting and interconnection, so you don't have to worry about any paperwork hassles.

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